module bán hàng (shop) cho dotnetnuke | NB_Store Free eCommerce module for dotnetnuke

NBStore là một module bán hàng dotnetnuke miễn phí khá hay.  Bạn có thể dùng để tạo web shop.

NB_Store - Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog Module

NB_Store – Free DotNetNuke Ecommerce Catalog Module

Việc làm web thương mại điện tử trên dotnetnuke ngày càng mạnh mẻ hơn, linh hoạt , miễn phí với NB_Store Free eCommerce module. Đây là một dự án hỗ trợ đa ngôn ngữ, nhiều mức thuế. với các chức năng display templates, management roles, product attributes, stock control, image processing and more!

các bạn có thể tải tại đây:

– video hướng dẫn NB_Store Free eCommerce module for dotnetnuke – dotnetnuke shop module:

Tài liệu hướng dẫn tại đây:

NB_Store DemoNB_Stores Screenshots

Các chức năng chính NB_Store module  bán hàng (shop) cho dotnetnuke

Store Overview & Features NB_Store Free dotnetnuke eCommerce module

  • Open source
  • Free
  • It really works!!
  • Module is in active and enthusiastic development
  • Opportunities to contribute code, funding, and sponsor features and enhancements
  • 7 Modules – Back Office, Category Menu, Checkout, Mini Cart, Order History, ProductList, Search
  • 3 Menu systems including jQuery Tree and Accordion styles
  • 2 Light-box scripts
  • Multi-portal support
  • Extensive token-based template system
  • Load and run custom scripts and CSS
  • Extensive multi-language support
  • Display product details in place or on any page
  • Freedom to create complex catalogues across many site sections, not tied to one page.
  • Create custom store settings for upload or installation on other portals
  • Can operate as a catalogue, with no prices or purchasing for anonymous visitors, and as a cart for authenticated users.
  • Audit log of all changes made to the Settings, Templates, Tax Rates and Shipping Rates.
  • Developed and designed for DotNetNuke 4.9 on SQL Server 2005 – Runs on higher versions of both.

Management in NB_Store Free eCommerce module for dotnetnuke – dotnetnuke shop module:

  • Tabbed Back Office management page
  • Separate back office skin makes full use of browser window
  • Separate site admin, store admin, and store email addresses
  • Operate store in two distinct modes – Lite and Full
  • Assign primary shop owner role
  • Assign secondary shop operator role with reduced access
  • Set different product limit for each mode
  • Import and export products, categories, images and downloads
  • Import and export store settings
  • Import and export module settings
  • Export orders
  • Import products from elsewhere using custom CSV mapping templates
  • XML templates for order reports
  • Order Management
  • Rich text templates for all emails and orders
  • Multiple order statuses
  • Send Order-confirmed email
  • Send Order-shipped email
  • Order history for registered users
  • Stock control
  • Separate stock management screen
  • Special token to display percent of stock remaining in list and details views
  • Invoice templates
  • Special template to be displayed when store operator has reached the product limit.
  • Allow store operator to reset a customer password


  • Configure columns display
  • Set paging size
  • Set default category, sort order and sort direction per product list
  • Specify separate product list, alt-list and details templates per product list
  • Form fields for manufacturer, product name, reference code, summary, rich text full description, tax category, product categories.
  • Create custom form fields of type checkbox, textbox, dropdown list and radio buttons
  • Use custom form field tokens in product views
  • Add document downloads to products e.g. user-guides or specification manuals
  • Products can belong to multiple categories
  • Copy any product with all models and options to a new product
  • Set product as archived, featured or deleted
  • Downloadable products
  • Add any number of product options with price variations
  • Add any number of product models with price variations and stock control
  • Product list and details templates
  • Different product list and details templates per product list module
  • Nested templates
  • Optionally display separate list and details templates for signed-in users
  • Per-category product list template
  • Per-category product details template
  • High quality image processing
  • Full control over all image processing options
  • Specify different list, details and additional image sizes per product list
  • Add any number of module-managed product images
  • Auto image on-upload to specified width
  • Auto image resize on list display
  • Auto image resize on detail display
  • Auto image resize for additional details images
  • Lightbox template for primary image
  • Separate lightbox template for additional images
  • Special token for a “sold-out” image overlay
  • Template when no image present
  • Template when no additional images present
  • Separate zero-price template
  • Default sort order per list module


  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Rich text message per-category
  • Category archive, hide, delete, and use for discounts
  • Category order sorted by number
  • Specify separate product list, alt-list and details templates per category
  • Set default category per product list module
  • Display category and/or product name as module title

Purchasing & pricing

  • Tax included, tax not included, and no-tax modes
  • Tax can be applied store-wide, per category, or per product.
  • Discounts per category,
  • Discounts per user
  • Discounts per role
  • Discount by fixed or percentage values
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Discount coupon codes
  • Limit the number of any given product that can be purchased by one person in one order
  • Optional real-time stock control when items added to cart
  • Optionally force carts to expire after specified period
  • Special gateway template displayed when account registration is enabled
  • Set minimum purchase value
  • Template for minimum purchase value not yet reached


  • Email, cheque or direct banking orders
  • Credit card at PayPal, SIPS, DPS PxPay, PayBox, Authorize.Net (alpha), DIBS, E-Way and SPplus
  • Plug-in architecture for payment gateways
  • Anonymous payment option –DNN registration not required
  • Optionally force DNN account creation
  • Template tokens for account registration, signing in and skipping registration
  • Separate minicart-empty and minicart-full templates
  • Separate empty-cart template
  • Templates for payment failure, payment success and in-processing
  • Separate billing and delivery address
  • Special instructions on checkout
  • Optionally skip cart on checkout
  • Optionally do not validate address fields other than email


  • Create multiple shipping methods
  • Each method calculates shipping based on quantity, price, weight, country, product
  • Set a free shipping value
  • Tracking code field and matching templates

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