Fix to Report viewer error in new server

When we migrate web applications from IIS 6 to IIS 7 or IIS 7.5, we will face some problems in http handlers, mappings etc. I faced some problems with reportviewer control. So, below are all problems I have faced and solutions to them. And one more thing is, the server to which we migrated the application may or may not have all the report viewer dlls available in the system. If they didn’t install then we need to install them. Otherwise you will get compilation error as we are using that in our application.First of all, before proceed what are the dlls needed for the report viewer to run?
Microsoft.reportviewer.winforms.dll – For windows applications.So, to get the dlls you need to install the redistributable packages for 2005/2008. Below are details to get that. Find the matched version[2005/2008] and isntall the correct patch. Once installed you will find all above dlls in the GAC.

With the installed patch, you can solve the compilation error. But, the report viewer control won’t render correctly on the browser. What are the possible problems come?

1. ‘RSClientController’ is undefined
2. Report resource images are not coming or loading.
3. RSParamaters not defined.
4. ReportViewerHoverButton not defined etc…
5. Other javascript errors which caused the report viewer failed to load correct.

The only fix to the problems are below.


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